Friday, October 4, 2019

Objective responsibility Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Objective responsibility - Essay Example Moreover, a public administrator should be in a position to make decisions based upon their ethical reflection and analysis of a case. When making such decisions, public administrators need to consider whether to pass their objective responsibility or not. According to Cooper (2010, 72), the objective responsibilities of public administrators are defined by both accountability and imposed obligation, which are "responsibility to someone else for something. Basically these responsibilities externally create a palpable source of obligation, creating some of responsibility. Sources of objective responsibility are characterized by factors such as superiors and subordinates, elected officials, and citizens. The multi-faceted principal responsibility of public administration in a big way complicates a public administrators role as an agent (Cooper 2010, 72). It is however important to note that the balance of objective responsibility is the element role of public administrators. How effectively these administrators apply the balance of objective responsibility to their decision-making processes defines their fundamental preparedness to make ethical decisions. Conflict of interest, Cooper, pages 112 - 121: cooper points out that a conflict of interest occurs when an individual or organization becomes engaged in multiple interests. One of these interests has the probably of corrupting the motivation of an act in another interest. Since the content of a conflict of interest is different from the fulfilment of impropriety, a conflict of interest can be found and voluntarily defused before the happening of a problem. Cooper (2010, 113) notes that, "Conflicts of interest involve collisions between these various kinds of influences and the interests of the public we serve". He states further that the fiduciary role is endangered when people lose trust in professional

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