Sunday, August 25, 2019

Television and film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Television and film - Essay Example Some of the mostly tackled subjects today would be the notion of masculinity, femininity, courtship, and marriage where conservative ways are now being represented in a reversed way. The women now play as the breadwinner, self-empowered, and independent. To have a fulfilling marriage, they often times illustrate it with a third party. Hence, as these kinds of shows are highly promoted to bring in more sales for a network, new and avid imitators of each character of a movie or series would be spawned, depending on their relatability to the audience (Television in American Popular Culture, n.d.). With this said, the visual entertainment media is indeed very significant in shaping the mindset and attitude of American culture today on every subject. The social influences of this kind of visual entertainment when it comes to the notion of femininity is mostly positive wherein women are now seen as equals with men. However, the value of courtship and marriage is continuously degraded especially when films embrace a more adventurous take on it, mocking the sanctity of respect, loyalty, and

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