Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Proposal for the Formal Analytical Report Essay

Proposal for the Formal Analytical Report - Essay Example cked it can and will grow into a situation that can threaten the abilities of local firms and banks to make a profit due to the decreased trust with which they view the money that comes to their hands on a daily basis. Accordingly, this proposal will work to outline the ways in which banks as well as other firms can institute a series of practices and procedures which can help ebb the tide of counterfeiting as it is currently being experienced in and around the area of Penn State University. The study will have the compound effect of being able to provide local business and banking with appropriate measures which can be implemented to protect against such fraud/counterfeiting, as well as providing a list of specific criterion which should be followed in order to minimize the occurrence an effects of such actions. Likewise, I will offer my plans for developing possible solutions to this problem, discuss my qualifications for conducting the research, and will provide a schedule on whic h I will base my research activities. During the past month and a half there has been a rapid uptick in the number of fake bills being passed in and around Penn State University. This has been occurring at a variety of locations that do not seem to be related other than that are all places of business that handle cash on a daily basis. As such, the issue bears a tangential relation to business and economics due to the fact that retail establishments and individuals are required by law to remit counterfeit money to the requisite authorities without any reimbursement for the face value of the counterfeit bill they obtained as a result of legitimate service, good or other business activity. In this way, the economic loss forms a type of double loss that must be absorbed by the business entity in question. Likewise, although the economic impact of recent rise in counterfeit bills will not have the effect of crippling the local economy, the fact of the matter is that necessarily

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