Monday, August 12, 2019

IT Infrastructure Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

IT Infrastructure - Research Paper Example reason behind this is because as a business, there are various problems that come with embracing the cloud, hence the needs to be aware of such problems. The requirements of an organization have to be identified when incorporating cloud technology. As Hosseini and Sriram indicate, cloud technologies have to be paired in line with certain needs of the business for there to be a successful path for cloud acceptance. To create an IT infrastructure which is successful in a start-up company, Banerjee indicates that it is crucial to understand the main aspects that make the firm’s IT successful and intelligent. An organization should have an IT infrastructure which is dependable, as this will assist it in yielding more applications that are dependable. The IT infrastructure should also be manageable, which means that it should respond automatically to failures of hardware without the presence of the CIO. It should also be adaptable, in that when there are new applications that are developed, it has to adapt to the environment which allows it to be deployed easily. Lastly, the infrastructure has to be affordable for an organization which is new in the market. Hence, the most crucial characteristic to consider in the case of a start up organization would be

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