Sunday, June 16, 2019

Is there a gender equality in Afghanistan, and have they empower women Research Paper

Is there a gender equality in Afghanistan, and have they empower women and give them the chance to represent the afghan companionship - Research Paper ExampleThe HDI of Afghanistan as of 2014 is 0.468.The country became independent on 19th August 1919.The population of Afghanistan is 31,108,744 as of 2014. This includes approximately 2.6 million refugees who still make out in neighboring areas like Iran and Pakistan. The only city in the country which has a pop0ltuon of more than one million is the capital city of Afghanistan, Kabul. Afghanistan is one of the poorest, least developed and most impoverished nations in the world.Throughput the history of Afghanistan, gender inequality has persisted in almost all segments of the Afghan society. The afghan women have experienced major(ip) oppression and violence that have resulted in the women of the country becoming oppressed and dominated macrocosms in the country. The processes of oppression in the Afghan culture are profoundly roo ted and penetrate into the lives of the women in Afghanistan. As a result of all these practices and factors, the women in Afghanistan have started having very low level of self-consciousness have also internalized their images in the society as propagated by their male counterparts.The challenges that are inherent to the problem of gender inequality in Afghanistan are twofold in nature. On one side, the male counterparts of the society consider that the oppression and violence done against the women counterparts of the society are justified as per the socio cultural norms that have been practiced in the Afghan society in the traditional formats. In contrast, the women of the country have become oppressed by these episodes of violence and discriminations because the attitude and behaviors associated with subordination and suppression and being dominated are deeply entrenched in the cultural and social systems of Afghanistan. Thus, the extensive control of the male entities in the s ociety on the woman and the humanity of patriarchal arrangements in the rural and urban areas of the country have led to the men of Afghanistan

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