Saturday, June 15, 2019

Health Care Reform Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Health Care Reform - Essay ExampleWith Federal presidential term playing a pivotal role and funding at the national level, a community network of public/private wellness care should be developed by identifying people and localities where high quality care is lacking.Both public and private agencies should be engaged to arrive at expert consensus on end-of-life care models sensitive to the linguistic and cultural backgrounds of the patients and their families. Health care professionals should be trained to be proactive and to give personalized care with proper discourse amongst care providers, patients and their families. Funds should be made available at the community level to all possible support services that are non-medical with the objective of providing dying(p) patients and their families with the best comfort possible during their last days. (Citizens Health Care Working Group 2007)These recommendations will soon be in the hands of the new American President for implementat ion. The two presidential candidates Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party and Jon McCain for Republican Party have already spelt out their about their stand on health care as part of their election campaigns. Hillary Clinton is on record having spelt out her remarks on health care. Universal health care is her key word as other wise she fears millions and millions of people will be left out.

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