Friday, June 14, 2019

Examine the responses of single women that dont participate in active Assignment

Examine the responses of single women that dont participate in active physical recreation with single men that dont participate in active physical recreation - Assignment ExampleHe as well as adds that people with high school education are also inactive. However, in some(a) countries there are barriers like lack of safe places to walk and cycle that prevent them from exercising or take part in physical recreation. Individuals also face other barriers to recreation. For example, organizational barriers like lack of financial resources, supportive policies and facilities. There are also cultural barriers where minorities olfactory perception unwelcome and uncomfortable in recreation facilities. Additionally, communication is another barrier where low-income families do not have information about recreation services and resources, and gender barriers where, men are happy than women, when it comes to offering recreation facilities.Men get a lot of attention when it comes to sports rec reation and therefore, women tend to withdraw themselves from such activities. To add to this, women and men do not exercise because of general barriers like, the recreation department lacking creativity of involving men and women in involving themselves in physical activities. Women or men from poverty would also feel uncomfortable exercising with wealthy individuals. Some staff can also be unwelcoming and insensitive to sexual stereotypes like lesbians and gays and therefore, they feel discouraged from participating in physical activities. This analysis will answer why single men and women do not actively participate in physical exercises, from the research manner used to conduct the study (Hamblin, 2005).The research method used to conduct the study was a questionnaire, in the form of an interview. Both single men and women were asked why they do not participate in physical recreation activities and their responses were different. The questionnaire was just a closed question whe re that was easy to answer as well as to code. The responses were only presented as No/yes choice with small explanation required about why the

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