Saturday, June 8, 2019

Ethical Dilemma Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Ethical Dilemma - Research Paper ExampleThus Margaret should choose which is the most important liaison for her either her sexuality roe or own personality.The point of any story, including all the stories depicted in films, is in description of human choice, which eventually leads to either good or bad consequences. However, unlike some common conceptualizations of choice that claim that choice deals with picking between good and bad, real choice (a perplex one) is always about choosing between equally either bad or good possible consequence. This means that each really crucial choice is an ejection of something crucial.Ethical dilemma requires an exclusion of some morally valuable thing in behalf of another, probably more important nurse. So the two important value that the leading character Margaret Keane should choose between are her identity (personal interests) and social status (her social identity).On the very beginning of the film Margaret is described as an obedient w ife and a good decent mother. She lives an ordinary life of an American housewife of 1950es, when womens rights werent so developed and society didnt take them seriously. Thus she identifies herself with the gender role of a typical woman she is used to playing. She believes that being a good mother is a part of the gender role, which cannot be separated from being a wife and being an obedient woman. So as far as her maternity is an important moral value for her, the only way she believes she can implement it best for her child is by playing the complete gender role parked on her by society. Although Margaret manages to pull in divorced with her husband who she cannot live with, she realizes that society doesnt accept a single mother who has no professional skills in anything. She meets a man who seems to be a nice one, however eventually it turns out that he is a fraud who cashes in on sailing her genius artworks under his own name, guardianship Margaret in shadow.Thus opposite v alue Margaret has is

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