Monday, June 10, 2019

(Depend on the play) Movie Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

(Depend on the play) - Movie Review ExampleIts capability to convert simple objects into more valuable things tickles ones imagination. It challenges component part for one to be who he is not, where ever, whenever. The magic that happens on stage can be deemed contagious, curiously when the pixie dusts of theatre arts touch the mind, heart and soul of the audience.First impression lasts, they say, but as for the play Midsummer Nights Dream, it dominates. This prototypic impression pushed the button of audience enthusiasm by simply creating impact from the set design and overall ambience of the theatre. The stage was set with a miniskirt stage, circular with small wall- like structures and with three overlapping ramps. The set was white and glittery which created a magical feel for the magical play that it is. The different spark designs created moods for scenes. It perfectly falls on the white palette of the stage. The music engaged the audience to their emotions while watchin g the play. The simple wonders crafted from set, music and lights design gave amazing personal effects to the ambience of the play, and improved overall performance.Speaking of performance, the actors were impressive. Individual characterization was effective. The actors seem to be in real connection to the fictional character that they are portraying. landmark mastery is essential in acting but to transcend with it is the bigger challenge. To achieve the desired effect to the audience the actors need to commit to the character, in such a way that even their nails embody the nails of the portrayed character. The characters optics, kinesics, and movement are also some essentials that were excellently achieved by the actors. Costumes also greatly contributed in the action value and effectiveness of the production. Midsummer Nights Dream is a fantasy play with queens, kings, fairies, and the like. The intricately designed costumes talk about the personality of the character the mome nt the actor stands on stage. Props are

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