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An extended definition of belief Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

An extended definition of belief - Essay ExampleLangston Hughes mentioned that he was asked to declare his belief publicly as a Christian at the age of 12 by his church. According to Hughes, 12 years is not a matured age for a somebody to declare his belief publicly (Hughes, p.224). Even adults or old people are sometimes confused while talking some their beliefs. A souls belief is normall(a)y strengthened by what he has been taught during his electric shaverhood by others. For example, a Christian child may get pedagogics about Jesus from churches during his childhood. Same way, a Muslim child may get more knowledge about Prophet Mohammad during his childhood. It should be noted that the Muslim child may not get proper education about Jesus or the Christian child may not get proper education about Mohammad during their childhood. Thus, a particular belief is cultivated in the minds of people during their childhood. Another interesting fact about belief is that it is highly subje ctive. Different communities know in most of the religions because of the subjectivity of belief. These communities are interpreting the same information in unalike ways. For example, the beliefs of Pentecostal communities in Christian religion are different than the beliefs of Catholics even out though both relying Holy Bible and Jesus for shaping their beliefs. Same way, Shias and Sunnis in Muslim religion have different beliefs even though both believe in Holy ledger and Prophet Mohammad. In short, belief is highly subjective and it depends on the intellectual abilities and wisdom of the believers. Joel Engardio, belief is all about tolerance. In his opinion, people we dont understand become less scary when we get to know them as real people. We dont have to be each others cup of tea, but tolerance lets a variety of kettles peacefully share the stove (Engardio, p.229). Nobody put up declare that his belief is superior to the belief of others. Neither the Christians, nor the Muslims or Jews claim that what they are teaching is the truth. As mentioned earlier, different people interpret Bible and Quran in different manner and hence different types of beliefs are prevailing in this word even among the same religions. According to Albert Einstein, Nothing is absolute and everything is sexual congress in this world. Even that principle may not be true in the case of religious beliefs. In other words, nobody can claim that their belief is better than the beliefs of others. Under such circumstances, it is better to admiration the beliefs of others rather than ridiculing it. Belief is just like how both blind people explain the convention of an elephant after touching different parts of the elephants body. The blind individual who touches the ear of the elephant may describe the shape of elephant as flat whereas the blind person who touches the tail of the elephant may describe its shape as thin rod. Even though both are right, the ultimate truth is enti rely different from the explanations of these two people. Belief is also just like that. The definitions of God by the Muslims and Christians would be right. However, none of these definitions may be perfect. Under such circumstances it is better to respect these definitions or beliefs rather than ridiculing it. John everyen Paulos mentioned that people believe in God even if they are aware of the illogic and gaping holes in the arguments for God. He has mentioned that even though he dont believe in God, he believes in love (Paulos p.237). Pauloss arguments seem to be little bit contradictory. All religions

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