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The writings of Augustine Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The literary works of Augustine - Essay ExampleThe semipolitical satires utilise in the writings of Augustine were aimed drawing a close relationship with the overspread of Christianity in the western societies. Augustine was a Christian theologian who was concerned with showing the compatibility between the authorities in the western society and the spread of Christianity. Augustine was the bishop of the Roman province in Africa. Augustine was a prolific writer and a steadfast proponent of Christianity. The writings of Augustine led to the spread of his increasing popularity and he was regarded as the father of the Church. The most important works of Augustine where he established a strong compatibility between the politics and Christianity are namely, City of God and Confessions. The age in which Augustine wrote his works resembled empiricism. The writings of the eighteenth century, however, reflected the growth of mercantilism. The growth of capital and the politics of the r ulers showed that that they developed a strong urgency for the growth of capitalism which would help them to develop into stronger powers. The bold writings of Augustine that were produced in this age contained political satires that that unfolded the nuance and the political interests that created destructions and affected the spread of the religion of Christianity. Through his bold writings, Augustine expressed his unintelligible concerns in showing the compatibility between the political environment and the spread of Christianity. The worshippers of the many false Gods whom we worship by the prevalent name of pagans, blamed the Christian religion for the disaster and began to blaspheme the true God more precipitously and bitterly than usual. (Augustine,Kries andFortin 1) After the conversion to Christianity, Augustine started to develop his own philosophies and theories based on the principle of the Christian religion. The tenure of Augustine as the Bishop in the Roman provin ce in Africa saw the increase of slavery and influence of the political interests in converting masses to religions of interests. This was heavily supported by the increase in capitalism and exploitation of charitable freedom. Augustine believed that by the grace of Jesus, the pure tone of human freedom should be recruitd in the world and this should non be affected by the political measures in the western societies. The brave writings of Augustine in the area of politics and Christianity considering the socio-economic conditions of the eighteenth century have drawn perfect reconciliation of politics and Christianity which was driven by the attempts to restore humanity and curb the evil forces of power and politics. Look at the Roman Republic which having changed little by little from the most beautiful and best, has become the worst and most disgraceful (Augustine,Kries andFortin 16). Augustines philosophy did not allow him to endorse the beliefs of the New Testament through wa ys of violence. Instead he believed that the true spirit of humanity lies in the peaceful politics that aims to take necessary steps for overall development of the society. Augustine as well never wanted Christianity to dominate over the religious beliefs of other sections of the society. The reflection of these philosophies was done with the perspective to harmonize the political interests and the growth of Christianity. The reconcilement of politics and Christianity was the major concern in the political writings of Augustine as he realized that the holy spirit of man could develop in an environment which is peaceful and politically stable. Augustine showed deep concerns in reconciling politics and Chri

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