Thursday, May 16, 2019

Patriotism Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Patriotism - Essay ExampleDeath is normally fe ard, that during these days, it meant courage and love to ones country especially among the Japanese.The narrator displays the commitment of both economise and, wife though, none of them knows about the other. This is what creates suspense in the story because one does not know what is expected. The wife had taken an oath that when the husband dies, she would also kill herself. Killing yourself in the Japanese culture indicates love, honor, and Shinji dogged to do this for his country. Despite their love for their country, they also loved each other extremely much. Each of them cannot stomach without the other. It is evident from the story that Shinji thinks of his wife while he is in the field, the same thing with his wife who cannot lodge without him. Their love for one another is displayed in the narration with the tone, imagery and the characters. Description is also widely apply in the story for creating a picture in the mi nd of the reader. For example, Reiko took a white silk kimono with her and entered the bathroom and the rich black brushstrokes (Mishima and Sergeant). After reading an image is created in the mind of the reader, and this makes the reading fascinating. Death to the lieutenant originally the eyes of his wife was the most fulfilling thing and Shinji thought that he would die in peace and happiness. His wife made him realize the things that he loved most in his life that made him take his life. The wife watched his husband die in pain and could not help him because it was her duty to support him. She also killed herself afterwards so that she could reunite with her husband and fulfills her mothers wishes. On reading this story one would quit that they did not love each other, but in regards to the age and culture, it was the best move to take.The actions and activities of the key characters are well displayed and described. For example, Moving the sword around to his

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