Monday, May 20, 2019

Functional Area Plan: Production and Operations Essay

farewell 1 Production and Operations Manager CompositionThe ultimate goal for the alliance is to foster growth and expansion by becoming the foremost leave behindr in quality products and guest service. In order to reach this goal and experience 100% growth over the next atomic number 23 years, the Production and Operations department (Productions) must streamline its manufacturing and restructure inventory processes. At present, the current ease operates at maximum capacity. Adding secant and trey shifts volition enable the company to meet consumer demand and to provide the right product for the right price.Duties and ResponsibilitiesOperations management generally entails the maintenance and control of activities within an agreement in producing its goods and services, (Foster & Ogden, 2008). As plastic is both versatile and economical, Productions recommend its continued use in the manufacturing of the particular(a) ball-bearing sliding mechanism. Another concern is t he reduction of downtime. Productions will work hard to cultivate the talent within so at that place is necessary support for completion of all projects.Over the past few years, immense strides have been made to optimize the efficiency of the units while continuing safe operation of all equipment. This includes having but highly skilled technicians to oversee product development in theatre of operationss of plastic injection molding, thermoforming and paper conversion. much(prenominal) expertise is imperative because these three functions are commonly selected for flexibility in the process of manufacturing plastic products, (R&d engineering plastic, 2009). Further, as Productions is responsible for the manufacturing of its signature coffee cup, it should remain abreast of any industrial changes to the raw materials or equipment used in making the product.Training and New EquipmentIn addition to the grease ones palms of raw materials needed to manufacture the cup, there is suf ficient capital to invest in new state-of-the-art equipment. The new software and technologies will enable greater efficiency and inventory control. Training of the new technologies and/or software tools and equipment will be mandatory. As permissible, there will be on-the-job training for passing game workers to perform the heavier tasks to avoid delays in production due to absenteeism. Productions will recommend that potential managers attend webinars and colligate workshops sponsored by the Productions and Operations Management Society (POMS), to remain alert of new trends and innovations in this specific area of interest.Collaboration With Other DepartmentsBesides the traditional overseeing of day-to-day operations, improving manufacturing activities through customer service falls within this scope as well (operations management, 2009). The Marketing Department (Marketing) has presented its strategies to draw new customers and double over production figures. Through its co re values of continuous improvement and accountability, Productions will accommodate Marketing by insisting on quality, but not at the expense of safety. This will require changes to its inspection effect so that shoddy merchandise is not released.Based on data from Marketings research, there is strong reason to believe profits will continue. However, an independent report from explanation and Finance (Accounting) indicates a new facility is not cost-efficient at this time. This notion has been shelved in favor of adding second and third shifts. Warehouse space will be acquired to house and inventory the raw materials. This will wind instrument to several job openings in shipping and receiving. Other positions include quality assurance inspectors to examine the faultless products as well as equipment maintenance. Productions will work closely with Human Resources (HR) to ascertain whether it will be apropos to hire a department liaison to handle internal customer-related issues. Code of ethicsAll employees are expected to engage lawfully and professionally as they perform their duties at all times. Employees are not given authorization to engage fellow employees or customers in any felonious or unethical acts or behaviors. Any violations or suspicious activity must be inform promptly. A failure to comply may result in suspension or termination, (U.S. Bank code, 2011).Part 2 Production and Operations Manager Executive SummaryThrough high quality customer service and innovative products, the Productions and Operations Functional area is committed to superior product development. By hiring experience technicians and providing on-the-job training of qualified workers, it will accommodate the companys goals for excellence. A second and third shift will eliminate the need for unnecessary overtime. Webinar training and coaching sessions will likewise constrain all workers abreast of current trends and changes in the industry.

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