Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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There is a wide prototype of concepts and definitions for companiesThe company is a contract whereby committed by two or more people that on the whole of them contribute in a project designed to profit .by providing a share of the money or work-sharing that may firmness from the project of the profit or loss. Because of the definition of the company as a contract that requires the company to need to undergo this decade, the general rules and laws in the contracts and therefore make out freely contractors in the organization and determine what arises from the rights and obligations and duties. Another definition of the company which is an association or group of individuals, members and people sharing common goals , vision and commix in order to focus about various organizing skills collectively or available resources to achieve the stated goals specific.http// is a wide range of companies in the Sultanate of Oman and the most important and oldes t of these companies are Oman Telecommunications CompanyOmantel is the leading company in the provision of integrated telecommunications services in the Sultanate of Oman and through the provision of a variety of modern and advanced services . Oman Telecommunications Company offers range of services that keep pace with technological development in the world. Omantel provides transmission networks that cover all parts of the Sultanate of Oman and enjoy this network signal strength . Oman Telecommunications Company Characterizes in sophistication in dealing with clients it is always listen to their ideas and opinions , proposals. They try very unassailable to achieve all the promises to keep up the needs of customers . The Omantel is considered as one of the tributaries o... ...t obtain approvals from other competent authorities and the following companies 1 - The fiscal leasing companies , banks and financial institutions, and exchange companies that trust to establish a commerci al activity in Oman obtain approval from the Central Bank of Oman2 - the insurance companies and the relevant agencies that want to set up business in Oman must get approval from the Department of Insurance in the Ministry of Trade and Industry / Capital Market leave .3 - industrial companies that want to set up business in Oman should get approved by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.4 - medical products must be obtained approval by the Ministry of Health. the activities of printing and publishing and broadcasting must obtained approval for by the Ministry of Information and Culture.http//

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