Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Definition of Happiness Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 5

Definition of Happiness - Essay interpreterReligious situations canister describe happiness as the emotion felt when respective beliefs and Gods impart answered prayers from distinct individuals. For example, believers of a certain religion can be referred to as happy after their prayers have been answered through and through the expected ways.Biologically, happiness can be described through the release of various hormones in the personify that trigger various emotions. Biologists study happiness as a tactile property that originates from various body organs. outdoor(a) forces such as personal and group accomplishments can also cause happiness. Additionally, individual health may contribute to levels of happiness. Research shows that individuals from healthy areas are bound to be happier than in unhealthy locations. The biological twist of various individual affects happiness rates in both the individual and surrounding beings.Economically, happiness can be described as a su ccess in various financial sectors. For example, increase in the gross national product of different countries may instill feelings of happiness to the citizens of respective countries. The economic consideration of a country has effects on the happiness levels of individuals. People from poor nations may not have high levels of happiness compared to those born in developed and well-heeled countries. The sense of belonging affects the natural levels of happiness. Individuals from rich countries are bound to have most of their responsibilities catered for hence avoiding stress and increases the chances of happiness. It is also noticeable that employees from well-paying firms are happier and to a greater extent productive than those from poorly paying and maintained organizations.It can be further mean a feeling that an individual goes through when his/her wishes or expectations are met.

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