Sunday, May 26, 2019

Crossing the Rubicon Essay

Crossing the point of no return By Emalie Von Douche In Crossing the Rubicon The Decline of the American Empire at he End of the Age of Oil, there argon three main points where Mr. Ruppert tries to blame the entire tradjety of September 11, 2001, break down known as 9/11, on the performing Vice President at the time, slit Cheney. At first glance this seems to be a reckless if not insane accusation against the Vice President of the United States of America, but Ruppert does make a few points that will make you think.The first point of Ruppert is Dick Cheney had the Ability to pull off this plan if he wanted to. According to Ruppert, Cheney was acting as Commander in Chief on 9/11 due to the terrible threat on the United States. This means he was in control and was c entirelying the shots. Ruppert also has reason to believe that Cheney was leading a completely separate chain of Command & Control via the Secret inspection and repair, assuring the paralysis of Air Force response on 9 /11. The Secret Service has the technology to see the same radar screens the FAA sees in real time. (Kane) Ruppert claims that President Bush was kept out of a leadership position on social occasion by the Secret Service men around him as he was reading to school children the morning of 9/11. He also claims that the Secret Service, acting through Cheney, had control over the FAA, Airforce (including the Fighter Jets), and President Bush. One question I would ask Ruppert is Why? Why would Cheney and the Secret Service go through on the whole of this trouble to attack his own country? The answer, according to Ruppert, is simply Oil.Cheneys plan was to start a n eer-ending war to cultivate control of the Middle Eastern oil and use it for American purposes. Ruppert claims that there was a peak in the oil reserves around the world from 2000-2007. afterwards 2007, oil will become more rargon and extremely more expensive. By way of confirmation, people in and close to the oil industry are reporting that increased drilling is not resulting as yet in significantly increased supply. (Ruppert) Upon hearing of this news, Cheney had to go into action. He just needed the secure time to plan his so called Attack.According to Ruppert, the right time was any time that Cheney chose because as of May 8, 2001, Dick Cheney was ascribe into control of all training exercises of all branches of military and government. This means he could set up fake hijackings by calling them training situations just in case anyone would ever want to hijack airplanes and fly them into buildings. Cheney did call for these training simulations, except he did it on the morning of 9/11. Also, Cheney called for another training simulation that send all the fighters from D. C. into Canada and Alaska to train just incase an attack came from Russia.This meant that the Air Force could not do anything to prevent the hijacked airplanes from crashing into anything they pleased. Also, the Secret Service had control over the FAA flight course of study screens and put fake hijacked airplanes in the air to confuse air traffic control. At one point the FAA thought there was 11 hijacked airplanes. All of this was put into motion by Dick Cheney and people taking orders from Cheney. He is guilty for singlehandedly putting this plan into motion and being successful. The scary part if these accusations by Ruppert are true, is that Bush and Cheney were re-elected the following term.

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